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At KIDS we provide a loving and nurturing environment in a bright, clean facility. This is evident from the numerous testimonials from our families.

o     Over the last seven years, you've been an integral part of our family's major life moments, and you've helped us in more ways than one, by treating us           like people, and not just business clients. Thank you for everything, we promise to keep in touch. We wish you continued success in growing KIDS and           in providing high quality childcare to so many families.........SK

o    Thank you for making ....'s transition to daycare so seamless and easy. She loves it here! Thank you for all you do........A.S

o    Thank you so much for everything that you and KIDS have done for .... KIDS doesn't feel like a school, it feels like a family thanks to you and your                  wonderful staff. Thank you for all of the special touches and extras. Graduation was just perfect............. Fondly........D.H

o    Just a little something to show our appreciation for the great care... has received......J.V.

o    Dear Ms Rashmi, Thank you so much for the Oliver book. I read it at least a few times a week before bed.   ...H.S

o    Dear Rashmi....... and all the staff at Kids Interactive Day School. It is with sadness that the .... family will be saying goodbye to the Kids Interactive Day             School at summer's end! We want to thank you for taking such great care of ..... and..... and helping them transform into wonderful young ladies that they       are today! The last nine years have gone so fast. We ( you and us) have endured the "sleepless nap time", the boundless energy and the endless crying and       sensitivity from these two totally opposite childre! You customized their care and saw them for the individuals that they are. You nurtured them and                 encouraged them to be themselves, all while teaching them the foundations of academics that they need for elementary school.

      As we watched... graduate, we looked at each other knowing that Kids Interactive was the perfect choice for us when picking a Day Care. We would                   recommend it to anyone! We will definitely be back to visit,maybe more than we think the first couple of weeks of school!!!
      From the bottom of our hearts, thank you again!..... E.W.

o    We just want to thank you & your staff for taking such good care of our daughters over the past 4 years. KIDS has been like a second home for the girls&          they have learned so much. WE will miss you & all the special teachers we have grow to love...............S

o    It's hard to put into words how we feel about ...'s time at KIDS. Like a small acorn that grows to a tree he has grown physically, emotionally, and                        intellectually so much, and so much of that is thanks to the nurturing environment and wonderful staff at KIDS. We have put our trust in you and are so          grateful for the care he's received..........Y.S.

    Dear Ms Rashmi, Thank you so much for having us in your beautiful, loving school. You are all so wonderful!.........D.R

o    Thank you so much-we feel very lucky to have such wonderful people who care for our boys....K.A

o    ...... is so lucky to be at such a great school!.........J.R

o    We wanted to thank you so much for everything over the past 4 years for ....... We truly appreciate the support, guidance, education and love for both of          our children! As you know it is not easy to entrust your little ones for care with just anyone and we certainly felt comfort knowing you and your staff are          there for our family! With much appreciation.......A.E

o    Thank you for all that you do & continue to do for all our children at KIDS. And thank you for your patience with us and with.....- you've taught us a lot             about the little minds & how they think! Best.....K.L

o    Thank you for taking care of me since I was a baby. I will remember you for ever in my soul....K.K.

o    Thank you so much for your hard work, dedication and care! We appreciate it very much!.......M.O

0    Three years ago you opened your doors to my daughter....., since then we began a very good relationship in which I trusted you the care and education          of.........I see all she grew and learned in KIDS, besides all the LOVE she received. We will never forget you. Thanks for all the love you showed us. All the           best for you and KIDS. With love........N.G

o    I wanted to write you a note to thank you........It means so much to me that ... and soon to be...... are in such a caring environment. Love.....J.M.

o    ...... and I wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for.... and .... this year. They have both grown so much and it is such a testament to you       and your staff. We marvel over how involved you are with each and every student and how much care you take with them as if they were your own.
      I know these few years are just a blip i their lives and in their education but I can't think of a better place for them to be.

      Thank you for taking the time to listen to our concerns or to brainstorm with us. We feel so wonderful knowing our children are well cared for and looked       after when we are away from them. Thank you again for everything...... L.D.

o    When I decided to become a foster parent, I knew that my friends and family would help me out whenever and wherever they could. One of the greatest         blessings has been the support that I have received from others. I am thrilled with the care that the girls have been getting at KIDS!......It is great to know         that you really care about children! It is what makes KIDS so great! Thank you so much for all that you have done.........K.B.

o   We want to thank you and your staff for a wonderful Back to School night. You are lucky to have such a loving, caring staff and we are lucky to have all of         you. Each and every teacher our two daughters have had in your school has been understanding of our children and their individual needs We've watched         both of our daughters bloom!

     Please thank Ms......., and......... They are fantastic teachers. All the best.....K.C.

o   Thank you for continually providing our children with such a wonderful place to spend their days. You have a great staff that are kind, nurturing & well             educated. The nutrition you provide is still second to none. We were not happy with ....'s after care place this fall because it just did not compare to the         loving care he got at KIDS. Thanks again for everything......L.S.

o    Dear Everyone, I can't even begin to tell you how thankful we are for the care you gave ...... and for keeping her happy and safe during the past year. She          has had a great opportunity to play and learn from each of you and although she may not remember it when she is older, .... and I will.

      You all do an amazing job with each of the children and treat them so well. You can tell that the children are i great hands and that they are happy to be at       school with each other and all of you. It has been very comforting to know that .... is being well take care of at KIDS. It was also reassuring to know that all       of the teachers knew... and that any of her special needs were always addressed.

      Any parent should feel confident and have peace of mind sending their children to your establishment. ..... will miss you all!.......C.K.

o    We've enjoyed our years here at KIDS and can't believe it's time for us to leave. You've been such an important part of my children's lives and I know they          look at KIDS as their second home. It will be bittersweet to leave. You have an excellent day care center and a wonderful staff. thank you and your staff for       taking such great care of........ & ...... over the years......S.H.

o    I wanted to take the time to send you a heartfelt thank you to you and your staff for all the wonderful years that you have been taking care of my children.       Your Kindergarten program was instrumental in preparing.... for first grade. He is an outgoing, confident and smart second grader now and loves coming         with me in the mornings to drop off his little brother.

      ....... is developing into a well-rounded little boy with the devoted teaching provided by Ms..... and Ms. .... All of the on-site programs (karate,science,              soccer, etc.) have been so enriching for ...... Your facilities are clean and extensive and the inclusion of the breakfast, lunch and snacks is a tremendous          convenience.

      Again, I wish to express my gratitude to you and your staff for your dedicated care!..... C. K.

o    I can't believe....'s last day at KIDS is here. I remember sitting in your office the first day I came to meet with you. The warmth & love you showed that day       has always been there over the last 5 1/2 years. Thank you for your kindness & consideration and everything you've done. KIDS has been a wonderful              experience for myself,........ & most of all.........

      Warm memories of you & your school & your staff will forever be in our hearts. ........ has blossomed into a wonderful little girl- because of the love &              care given to her by you & everyone there.

      We will miss you & these days. Words cannot express our thanks & gratitude........K.K

o    Thank you for all your support, nurture, and care you and your staff have provided to ........ during his time at your school. As a first time Mom, yo made          me feel very comfortable and safe knowing that...... would be looked after in the best possible way. Thank you also for including me in your after school          information sessions. You and your staff have a lot to be proud of; continue doing the great work in building future generations!! With much                               appreciation......A.A

o    We cannot believe that the time has come to move on. Our babies have grown up so very quickly and you had a front row seat in their "movie" of life for          the past 6 years. We are so grateful to you and your teachers for offering ...&... so much love, support, guidance and friendship through the years. KIDS          has been our second "HOME" and we will never forget you & the fond memories we've shared together..... J.T.

o    The staff,facilities, & program you have at KIDS are exceptional. We know...... has advanced, & more than just academically, beyond his peers in other              schools because of it. Most importantly, it is clear the passion & caring you and your staff have for the children..............T

o    Just a note of thanks for the past five years. I can't believe this chapter is now coming to a close. KIDS is an amazing school and I feel so fortunate that            both of my children have had such positive experiences here as well as the benefit of having had such incredible teachers.

     I personally would like to thank you for all of the advice you have given me over the years and for all of the support. It has meant a great deal. You've taken      such wonderful care of my children and for that I will always be grateful to you. We will miss you.... L.D.

o    The time has come for ..... to move up to the next stage of his life. We just want to extend a warm and loving thank you to you and your staff for giving          him such a wonderful place to spend his days for the last 5.5 years. He started at 5.5 months- 5.5 years ago!

      It is with a little bit of sadness that .... says farewell- but he is also on his way to some great new adventures. You have provided him with the platform of       learning that he now stands upon. You gave him a place to feel nurtured & at home for all these years and that made us feel better about leaving him all          day & going to work............... Thank you again. Lots of love...............S.S

o    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful and caring environment that you have provided for our daughter during her time at          KIDS. ........ has enjoyed her time at your school as well as her teachers and the curriculum. She has grown into a well rounded child and your dedication and attention to detail at your school has been a large part of this.......... E.G.

o    Thank you for overseeing a whole year with my daughter experiencing 2 rooms... infant and waddlers. She had a wonderful year and loved all her caregivers!  We did too! Although I'll enjoy every minute home this summer, it will be an easy transition back to work knowing how safe and happy Vanessa is!....... M.L.

o    Thank you for all you do everyday to make sure that our daughter & every child in your care is safe, loved, and learning! We greatly appreciate 

o    Thank you so much for all you do for our children. We're so grateful that they are at such a wonderful place with caring, warm people when we can't be with them. They've learned so much at KIDS and we appreciate all the care, education and advice you provide......... J.Z.