Our curriculum is integrated and introduces topics that spark children's natural curiosities, interests, and enthusiasm. We believe each child should be appreciated and accepted at the level of his/her own maturity and ability. Our curriculum seeks to develop the following skills within each child:

  1. Social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills
  2. Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  3. Cooperation as a member of a group and relating to others
  4. The appreciation of individual differences and value diversity
  5. Self-control and independence
  6. Positive self concept and identity
  7. Creative and self expression
  8. Social interaction and communication skills

For more information about our activities, please contact the Program Director at 201- 677- 9222 or via email at

The areas of study include the following
Language Arts/Literacy:
  • pre-school skills (auditory and visual memory and discrimination,eye-hand coordination,left to right progression,form and letter recognition)
  • basic reading skills
  • listening and speaking skills
  • observations
  • comparison and exploration of living things
  • the environment and energy
  • development experiences in pre-number concepts
  • line, size and shape relationships
  • number recognition as well other number concepts (i.e. counting)
  • creative processes that allow choice
  • exploration and imagination
  • creating and designing
Creative Movement:
  • role playing
  • puppetry
  • dance
  • rhythm
  • story dramatization
  • body awareness
  • nutrition health habits
preparatory computer skills to prepare them for the next level of skills they will acquire in the next grade

Out door play

Dramatic Play

Music Appreciation

Dramatic Arts


safety habits

Field Trips

And many more.............