Enrichment Program

All enrichment courses are led by NJ state certified teachers.
  • Literature Based Activities - Literacy-building "centers" based on popular children's literature                                                  
  • Recreational Play - Teacher-guided games to encourage interpersonal skills
  • Arts and Crafts - Hands-on art activities which are related to our weekly summer theme units
  • Movement and Dance - songs that use fingerplay and body movements to engage the children
  • Rest and Quiet Time - time for children to relax and recharge after a busy morning
  • Language and Culture - mini-lessons which will introduce children to different popular cultures through song, art, and other  activities
              - Weekly Spanish lessons taught to kids ages 2 and up.
                  - Lessons gauged to teach students Spanish language and culture using props,
                 puppets, music, dance, exercise, crafts, food and role-playing.
  • Computer skills - Children will reinforce basic math and reading skills with fun games in our media room.
  • Nutrition and Cooking - (Taught by a certified Nutritional Adviser) In our "Kindergarten Cafe", children will engage in lessons in healthy living. They will enjoy creating healthy recipes and cooking nutritional snacks.
  • Piano - (Taught by certified teachers from Happy Piano)

Transportation is available, please call us for more details.