Infants & Toddlers

Children develop at their own pace, and we at KIDS believe in creating an environment to stimulate and challenge that pace. Child directed activities and energetic activities are followed by teacher directed and focused activities. A well planned program, allowing for transition between activities is our way with the young child.

It is important for the young child to have a daily rhythm. As a result of this, our children always know what to expect. Even though there is a daily regularity, boredom is never an issue here. The seasons and multi-cultural aspect of our program bring great variety of activities with different projects, stories, songs, poems, books, and games. Through these activities the children are able to develop their creativity, memory and social skills. In all our activities the young child learns deeply and in a playful way.

Our program is designed to develop social skills, healthy and positive self image, self expression, independence and social group skills, gross and fine motor skills, curiosity and creativity. We prepare them for the years to come