We offer a full day Kindergarten. Our kindergarten curriculum is integrated and
introduces topics that spark childrens’ curiosity, interest and enthusiasm. We believe each child should be appreciated and accepted at the level of his/her own maturity and ability. We provide an atmosphere that involves active learning in a structured environment. We believe that a partnership with both parents and staff creates a foundation for successful learning.

We follow the New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards for Kindergarten. We utilize the Scott Foresman math and reading curriculum, the most widely used curriculum.

Reading/Language Arts Curriculum: Students continue to review phonics while beginning to blend phonemes, recognize sight & high frequency words, and sound out words.

The reading program is broken down into the following components that are essential to any balanced literacy program:
  • Shared Reading
  • Guided Reading
  • Independent Reading

The writing portion of the language arts curriculum includes the following components:
  • Modeled writing
  • Shared Writing
  • Interactive Writing

Mathematics: Following the Scott Foresman program curriculum map, the following topics are covered over the course of the school year:
  • Counting
  • Graphing
  • Progression
  • Recognition of Shapes
  • Classifying Objects
  • Comparisons
  • Time
  • Patterns
  • Comparative Sizes
  • Money
  • Sets
  • Measurement
  • Addition
  • Vocabulary
  • Verbal and Picture Problems
  • Fractions

Science, Social Studies, Art and Music are integrated into the curriculum throughout the school year.