Organic and Natural Nutrition

Proper nutrition is an essential part our program. We strive to provide Organic and/or Natural Foods to our little learners. Organic whole and 2% Milk and fresh fruits and vegetables(organic when available) is part of our childrens' daily diet. Recognizing that some children are allergic to nuts, we maintain a nut free environment.
Our state of the art kitchen allows us to serve carefully prepared foods at breakfast, lunch and snack time. This is provided at no additional cost.

We develop and provide a new menu every month. View the menu below or Download Menu


In addition to the breakfast and lunch items listed on the monthly menus, we provide snacks in the morning and afternoon. Teachers pick from the following items, making sure there is a variety during the week.

  • Yogurt        Cheese Crackers   Wheat Thins    Apple Sauce
  • Raisins       Pretzels                Gold-Fish        Cheese-Itz
  • Cookies      Animal Crackers   Mandarin Oranges            
  • Pudding      Graham Crackers   Ritz Crackers 
  • Fresh Fruits (apple, pear, grapes, melon,etc.)
  • Milk