Pre-school Program

Our curriculum is child centered and age appropriate. It involves active learning that stimulates and enhances each child’s cognitive,social, emotional and physical aptitude in a structured environment. Our program is designed to develop social skills, healthy and positive self image, self expression, independence and social group skills, gross and fine motor skills, curiosity and creativity. We prepare them for the years to come.

The curriculums we use for our pre-school is Land of the Letter People and Scott Foresman

When you ask your child what they did at school today, their usual reply is “I played.” Yes at KIDS, play is just as important. When children are playing, they are:
  • Developing–their language, social skills,fine and gross motor skills. and interacting with their peers,
  • Exploring – How things work, pouring and measuring, and building structures.
  • Listening and Sharing – Sharing their space and toys, listening to their peers and teachers and having different experiences in a child group setting.
  • Becoming Independent – Toileting, dressing, cleaning up, etc.
  • Having Creative Experiences – Working with art materials, dressing and playing in dramatic play area.

The pre-school skills that the students will master are; letters and number recognition, sounding our letters and simple words, counting and rudimentary concept of math, introduction to science, social studies, health as well as specials that include; music, art, world language and physical education.

In all of these experiences, children are making huge learning advances in a fun way and at the same time, learning life long lessons