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"The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility. These are the three forces which are the very nerve of education." -Rudolph Steiner

Imagine your child being excited to go to pre-school in the morning. After a long day of work, imagine the joy of seeing your excited child and hearing “I made a new friend today”.

This is all possible at Kids Interactive Day School.

Hi, I’m Rashmi, and like you, I was worried about giving my children a safe, nurturing environment. I used to ask myself:

  • “How can I be involved with my children, not just send them away most of the day?”

  • “How can I ensure my child is safe, nurtured, and grows to his or her full potential.

I decided to open a child care center that offered a home environment for the children; where they could learn to grow and thrive in a loving, nurturing, playful, safe and academically challenging environment, to enable each child to tap into their innate abilities and grow to be curious, confident, creative and socially responsible leaders of tomorrow.

Our emphasis is on the children. Organic milk, fruits and vegetables are part of our wholesome nutrition program. Parents are encouraged to take an active part in their child's education. Their input is regularly solicited regarding school and teacher performance.

Utilizing a safe portal, parents access child information, receive updates, and pictures and communicate directly with the teachers. Several cameras are utilized to monitor activities throughout the school.

In recognition of the high standards we maintain at the school, we have been Accredited by the State, one of only a handful of pre-schools to receive this distinction.

Come join our community and see what sets us apart.

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Parent Testimonials

"Dear Rashmi and all the staff at Kids Interactive Day School,

It is with sadness that [our] family will be saying goodbye to KIDS Interactive Day School at summer's end! We want to thank you for taking such great care of [our children] and helping them transform into wonderful young ladies that they are today! The last nine years have gone so fast. We (you and us) have endured the "sleepless nap time", the boundless energy and the endless crying and sensitivity from these two totally opposite children! You customized their care and saw them for the individuals that they are. You nurtured them and encouraged them to be themselves, all while teaching them the foundations of academics that they need for elementary school.

As we watched [our children] graduate, we looked at each other knowing that KIDS Interactive was the perfect choice for us when picking a Day Care. We would recommend it to anyone!"


"Dear Everyone,

I can't even begin to tell you how thankful we are for the care you gave [our daughter] and for keeping her happy and safe during the past year. She has had a great opportunity to play and learn from each of you and although she may not remember it when she is older, [we] will.

You all do an amazing job with each of the children and treat them so well. You can tell that the children are in great hands and that they are happy to be at school with each other and all of you. It has been very comforting to know that [our daughter] is being well take care of at KIDS. It was also reassuring to know that all of the teachers knew [her] and that any of her special needs were always addressed.

Any parent should feel confident and have peace of mind sending their children to your establishment, [we] will miss you all!"


"Over the last seven years, you've been an integral part of our family's major life moments, and you've helped us in more ways than one, by treating us like people, and not just business clients. Thank you for everything, we promise to keep in touch. We wish you continued success in growing KIDS and in providing high quality childcare to so many families"